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"Maestro Frameworks" was the birth child of Pittsburgh legend Michael "Maestro" Brown. Now runs under his humble apprentice, Michael Richmond AKA Young Mike. 

I had first met Maestro (Brown) when I first moved to Pittsburgh and got hired at a local bike shop several years back. He was a funny guy, quick witted and a character all his own. We became buds quickly and soon enough on my days off from the bike shop, I'd found myself at Maestro's shop learning the trade. We didn't just build bikes though. We made bicycle powered moving stages for a renowned live performance group, art installations, bench seating, along with a host of little ingenious things. Maestro always had a passion for cycling in its many forms. He owned his own LBS in the late 80's to early 90's, he rode, he raced, he wrenched, but more importantly, wherever Maestro was, he made a community. Not just cyclists, anyone he met would be treated with a great respect and in most cases treated like family. Sadly, everything must come come to an end at some point. We lost Maestro to cancer. A day doesn't go by that I don't walk into the shop, think of Maestro and thank him for passing the torch, quite literally to me. 

I share the same passion as Maestro for making beautiful machines that engage the soul, not just the legs. Maestro taught us that the bicycle is a vehicle to greater things, progress, community, friendship. 

Let's make something beautiful today. 


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